Legal Services in Germany and United States of America


About Us

We are attorneys who are admitted to practice law in Germany and in the State of California. So we are at home in both jurisdictions.

Our Law Firm is therefore able to provide legal consultation on German Law and as well U.S. Law matters. We are advising our U.S. clients on legal matters in Germany (inbound) and our German clients on their activities in the United States (outbound).

We help our clients to understand the foreign jurisdiction. Common Law and European Civil Law differ in many aspects. In addition legal language issues in international contracts can be the cause for misunderstandings. It is therefore very important to have attorneys who are at home in both jurisdictions and who are able to discern potential legal problems and language issues before a contract is signed. But even after the contract has been established and a legal problem occurs, it is benefitial to have attorneys who do understand both legal concepts in order to settle the issue and to avoide expensive litigation.

Our Practice Areas

In all practice areas we are advising our clients on German Law and U.S. Law matters:

Contract Law

Draft and Revision of contracts

Real Estate

Commercial Lease, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Purchase Agreement, Land Register

Alternative Dispute Resolution

External Legal Department

Commercial Law

E-commerce, Commercial Agents, International Sales

IT Law

IT Contracts, Licence Agreements


Legal Housekeeping

How It Works

We are solving your legal issues in a 3-steps-procedure:

Establishment of Attorney-Client-Relationship

After a first evaluation of your legal issue (free of charge), we will communicate to you our legal fees. Upon your consent, a retainer agreement will be signed.


If necessary, in a first video-call we will discuss your legal case and will together develop a legal strategy to solve your issue.

Get the Job Done

After the initial video call and upon payment of a retainer, we will immediately start to work on your case. Sometimes a retainer will be due before the first video call. The decision will be made on a case-by-case evaluation.

Office Location

Frankfurt am Main

Bockenheimer Landstraße 17/19, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
+49 69 710455394

What Our Clients Say

Fast turnaround, expert services, with clear explanations on the meaning of everything without legal jargon. A great customer experience.

Richard O.

Absolutely remarkable! Everyone at JK LEGAL is very knowledgeable, quick to act and very kind. Extremely attentive and great communication skills! We are very satisfied with our representation.

Stela B.

Dr. Josip Kuvac did an excellent job representing me in a contract negotiation in English and American law. He found all points in the contract that would have been to my disadvantage. He also proved to be a successful negotiator on the general issues of the contract. Friendly and obliging in tone but tough in substance, he knew how to assert my interests. He was always available and was able to clarify all points promptly.
A great recommendation.

New York