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Attorney Labor Law Frankfurt am Main: JK LEGAL is a law firm in Frankfurt am Main specializing in labor law. The founder of the firm, attorney Dr. Josip Kuvač, represents employees, professionals, managers and works councils in labor law. Dr. Kuvač advises his clients in German, English and Croatian. We advise our clients in particular on the following labor law issues:

Attorney labor law Frankfurt a.M. - Our main focus

Dismissal and action for protection against dismissal

Attorney Labor Law Frankfurt am Main: You have received a notice of termination ? Then you should act quickly. After you have received the notice of termination, you must take legal action against the termination within three weeks. If you do nothing and let the three weeks pass, the termination will become effective, regardless of whether the termination was justified in the matter or not. Therefore, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you in time, e.g. by filing an action for protection against dismissal on your behalf.

Severance pay

Attorney Labor Law Frankfurt am Main; When negotiating with the employer regarding a severance package, many mistakes can be made. Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer at your side to support you in the negotiations

Termination agreement

By means of a termination agreement, the employer and the employee mutually agree that the employment relationship will be terminated. Termination agreements are more common in practice because both parties to the contract may have perfectly understandable reasons for terminating the employment relationship by mutual agreement. However, since difficulties may arise, for example, if the employee wants to draw unemployment benefits "seamlessly" after termination (so-called blocking period), it is better to seek advice from a competent lawyer beforehand.

Job reference

The job reference is extremely important for the professional career. This is especially true for the job market in Germany. While in other countries the "paper form" is not the all-important feature, in Germany it is still extremely important that the "paper form" is correct. Since the language in job references is not always comprehensible to the "layman", you should seek expert advice from us here and, if necessary, insist on the issue of a new reference.


If the employee violates his obligations under the employment contract, the employer may reprimand the employee by issuing a warning to the employee. The purpose of the warning is to make the employee aware of his misconduct and thus also to give him the opportunity to improve. However, the issuance of a warning is, of course, also subject to strict conditions. Together with you, we will decide how you can best defend yourself against the warning. 

Other labor law topics

Lawyer Labor Law Frankfurt am Main: We are also at your disposal for all other labor law issues (e.g. wage disputes) in Frankfurt am Main & the surrounding area and will provide you with competent and expert advice. You are welcome to send us your data in the following contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use the form to send us documents. We can already check these in the context of a free initial examination and see how we can best help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Legal fees

At JK LEGAL, we will inform you about the costs from the very beginning. Completely transparent and open. From the very beginning, you know what costs you should expect. The attorney's fees are determined by law. The relevant law is the Lawyers' Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). For an initial consultation we charge EUR 190.00 net (plus VAT). If you have legal protection insurance, we will obtain coverage for you. Problems with the employer are stress enough for employees. We therefore take care of everything. If your financial situation is poor, you may be entitled to legal aid. We will also inform you about this. 

Current case law on labor law

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  2. ArbG Siegburg, Urt. v. 11.11.2020, Ref. 4 Ca 1240/20: No short-time work without effective agreement:
  3. LAG Cologne, judgment of 02.09.2020, Case No. 5 Sa 295/20: Termination of a regular employee for operational reasons is invalid if the employer constantly uses temporary workers: