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Lawyer in German-American law: With a total goods trade volume of 188 billion US dollars, Germany is the fifth largest trading partner of the USA. The U.S. market is even the most important foreign sales market of all for German companies.

The contracts underlying the commercial transactions are drawn up in English. The contracts are often governed by the law of a US state. Practice often shows that there are various sources of error in the drafting of contracts, which can lead to considerable risks for companies. 

Careful, forward-looking and legally secure contract drafting is indispensable in order to minimize (liability) risks, save costs and - what is at least as important - maintain good contractual relations with one's contractual partners. This is especially true if the contracts are to be negotiated and drafted in English. Mistakes in the drafting of contracts can be costly.

Since our attorneys are admitted to practice in both Germany and the U.S. state of California and are therefore at home in common law and civil law, we can help you minimize (liability) risks.

We help clients from the USA with legal issues relating to German law. For companies from common law jurisdictions, the German legal system is foreign. We assist U.S. clients in enforcing their rights in Germany and, due to our dual qualification, are able to warn our U.S. clients of potential (liability) risks.

We act as a legal partner in Germany for US law firms and can thus protect the interests of our joint clients.

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