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Lawyer Contract Law: JK LEGAL is a law firm specialized in contract law in Frankfurt am Main. Our main focus is on commercial law and sales law. We represent our national and international clients in the drafting of commercial and sales contracts. We also advise our clients in contentious proceedings in all areas of contract, distribution and commercial law.

Purchase agreements, contracts for work and services and contracts for work and materials

Lawyer Contract law in general: The contract of sale is about the seller handing over the object of sale to the buyer and giving him ownership of the object. In return, the buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price. A contract for work and services according to § 651 of the German Civil Code (BGB) is a contract for the delivery of movable goods to be manufactured or produced. The object of the contract for work and services is, according to § 631 para. 2 BGB, a result to be achieved through work or service. In practice, difficulties often arise in distinguishing between these different types of contract. These demarcation difficulties can affect, among other things, the correct choice of warranty rights. This is where an experienced contract law attorney can help. Therefore, let us advise you on these questions.   

Commercial agent, commercial broker and authorized dealer agreements

Lawyer contract law for companies: Companies often use sales representatives or authorized distributors to sell their products. If you are also considering which type of contract best suits your sales structure, contact us. We have extensive experience in commercial and contract law and can explain the differences between the various types of contracts. Together, we can decide which type of contract offers the most advantages. We will then draft tailor-made contracts for your business. Only an experienced contract law attorney can help here. In case of disputes, we take over the representation in court and enforce your rights.

Lawyer contract law: contract drafting and litigation representation

Lawyer Contract Law: We advise our clients strategically on contract preparation (preventive legal advice). We also assist our clients in drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial and sales contracts. In the event of breaches of contractual obligations, we enforce your rights or defend claims asserted against you. In addition, we also advise you on the law of general terms and conditions (GTC). Finally, we provide legal representation in contractual disputes. Based on our many years of international experience, we also review and negotiate international contracts. Here we specialize in particular in international contract law with reference to common law.

Leasing law

Lawyer Contract Law: The term "leasing" comes from the English word "to lease" (rent, lease). In German law, the leasing contract is not separately regulated by law. According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice, the leasing contract is essentially governed by the provisions of tenancy law. Both movable and immovable assets can be considered as leased assets. In the case of movable assets, a great deal is leased nowadays. The most common case of leasing in practice is car leasing. In the case of finance leasing, a triangular relationship exists between the lessee, the leasing company and the supplier. If you have any problems concerning leasing law, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Current case law on contract law

  1. BGH, judgment dated 09.09.2020, file no. VIII ZR 389/18: Lessee is entitled to compensation for replacement value if a leased car is stolen:
  2. LG Köln, judgment of 04.08.2020, file no. 21 O 315/19: Professional footballer may review commission payments to his consulting firm:
  3. OLG Munich, Judg. v. 24.06.2020, Ref.: 20 U 6415/19: Entry ban for Israeli national in Kuwait justifies refusal of carriage for airline:
  4. OLG Köln, Urt.v.19.06.2020, Az. 6 U 263/19: Smartlaw does not violate the Legal Services Act :
  5. OLG Cologne, Urt. v. 19.02.2020, Az.: 6 U 184/19: General terms and conditions of PayPal not per se too long:
  6. OLG Düsseldorf, Urt. v. 17.12.2019, Ref.: I-24 U 21/19: No liability for damages of the seller due to withdrawal from contract negotiations for the sale of land:

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