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English-Speaking Lawyer in Germany

JK LEGAL is a law firm specialized in commercial and contract law in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). The founder of the firm, Dr. Josip Kuvac, has worked for several years at prestigious international and national law firms in Frankfurt a.M. and Los Angeles (California). Our attorneys have worked on many complex cases concerning commercial and contract law. If you need an english-speaking lawyer in Germany, JK LEGAL is the proper law firm for you. 

What we do

We advise companies on all issues of commercial and contract law. In doing so, we advise our national and international clients on the drafting of commercial, service and service contracts as well as all other contracts in the commercial field. We also represent our clients in contentious proceedings before all courts.

Common Law or Civil Law ? We are experts for both jurisdictions

Since our attorneys are admitted to practice in both Germany and the U.S. state of California and are therefore at home in Common Law and Civil Law, we can help you minimize (liability) risks. We help clients from Common Law countries with legal issues relating to German law. For companies from Common Law jurisdictions, the German legal system is foreign. We assist clients in enforcing their rights in Germany and, due to our dual qualification, are able to warn our clients from Common Law countries of potential (liability) risks.

We are enterpreneurs - just like you

JK Legal is not just a law firm, it is a business. Mr. Kuvac, the founder of JK LEGAL, has worked as an attorney for international law firms (inter alia Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP) and therefore knows the "insight-life" of big law firms. He purposely choose a different path with the desire to create things and act as an entrepreneur. We are your english-speaking lawyers in Germany. Our advice is effective, pragmatic and solution-oriented. The economic interests of the client are always in the foreground. The benefits, risks and costs of the various options are discussed with the client transparently and in clear language. Together with the client, we then decide how best to implement the solutions in practice.

Service of experts

Large law firms are hierarchically structured: senior partners, junior partner, senior associate, junior associate etc.. While you are discussing your case with a partner of a law firm, an associate (or 2 or sometimes 3) will work on the case. The partner then has to review the work of the associate. In sum, two or three or sometimes even more attorneys have worked on your case (and of course have billed for their work). With JK LEGAL you will receive quality legal services from a single source. We are your english-speaking attorneys in Germany.

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Areas of activity

We advise our clients in particular on the following topics in commercial law


US-German cross-border transactions

We understand the common law and the civil law and are therefore in the position to provide legal assistance re US-German cross-border transactions. Our services include all aspects of commercial and business law in Germany. We have successfully represented clients in the past from all over the world.

lawyer sales representative frankfurt

contract disputes

We are experienced litigation attorneys. Most of our clients are either medium-sized German companies or foreign companies doing business in Germany. We represent our clients in courts throughout Germany.

Lawyer for Car Purchase Law - JK LEGAL

Leasing law

Problems with leasing contracts are very common. One of these problems for example occurs when one party to the contract claims that the leased item is defective. Due to our extensive experience with leasing contracts, we can help our clients to enforce their rights. Just contact us.

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