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We advise and represent our clients on all legal issues concerning real estate ownership and rental property.

In the area of residential and commercial tenancy law, we focus on the review and drafting of tenancy agreements, in particular advising on notices of termination, arrears, rent increases and defects as well as questions regarding the obligation to renovate, security deposits, subletting, modernization and ancillary cost accounting.  

With regard to real estate property, this includes support in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate, in particular the drafting and execution of real estate purchase agreements, the contestation and rescission of real estate purchase agreements, and the assertion and defense of claims for damages. 

In practice, the right of first refusal also plays a major role. In this context, it is necessary to check whether pre-emptive rights exist in favor of third parties (e.g. municipality, tenants, neighbors, etc.). 

All legal topics concerning real estate are covered by us.

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