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International contract law is our core matter. We serve national and international clients. Dr. Josip Kuvač has worked for international law firms (including Los Angeles) for several years. During this time he has worked on many complex contracts. Thus, most of these contracts had a cross-border element. International contract law - you can therefore benefit from our extensive experience.

International contract law with reference to common law

We specialize in international contract law with reference to common law. In addition to our practical experience, Dr. Kuvač has also passed the California Bar Exam. The California Bar Exam is considered to be one of the most difficult bar exams in the United States. Therefore, Dr. Kuvač knows the special problem areas of international contracts. This is especially true for English language contracts involving common law. Common law is a predominant body of law in many English-speaking countries. Thus, common law is not only based on statutes. Rather, it is also significantly shaped by judicial decisions of the past (so-called case law). Mr. Kuvač now brings his expertise to bear in his own law firm at JK LEGAL. He advises his clients in German and English. 

What problems can arise in international contract law

German companies often conclude English-language contracts without having understood the exact content of the contract. For example, provisions on applicable law are agreed upon that are disadvantageous for the company. The choice of a sensible place of jurisdiction must also be carefully considered. Finally, the effective inclusion of general terms and conditions can also pose problems. For example, German courts will usually impose special requirements if foreign contracting parties are involved. In order to avoid pitfalls here, you should call on the services of experienced lawyers in international contract law. We will be happy to advise you on all issues of international commercial and contract law.

Main areas of activity

We advise our clients in particular on the following topics in international contract law

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English language contracts

Careful, forward-looking and legally secure contract drafting is indispensable in order to minimize (liability) risks, save costs and - what is at least as important - maintain good contractual relations with one's contractual partners. This applies all the more if the contracts are to be negotiated and drafted in English. Mistakes in contract drafting can be costly. You should therefore seek advice when drafting contracts in English. Attorney Dr. Josip Kuvac has passed the bar exam in California and has also worked in a law firm in Los Angeles. Trust in his expertise.

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Trade relations with the USA

The USA is an important sales market for German companies. Many large German corporations even do more than twice as much business in the U.S. than in the German home market. But the USA is also an extremely important market for smaller and medium-sized German companies. However, the legal risks of legal proceedings in the USA are manifold. This is not only true for large German corporations (e.g. the current diesel scandal for VW or glyphosate lawsuits against Bayer), but also for smaller and medium-sized German companies. Let yourself be advised here by a lawyer who knows both legal systems. Dr. Kuvac is a German lawyer, but he also passed the bar exam in California and has already worked in a law firm in Los Angeles. Dr. Kuvac is therefore at home in both legal systems and will be happy to support you in your business activities in the USA. 

Hrvatski Odvjetnik u Njemačkoj- Dr. Josip Kuvač

German-Croatian business

As a lawyer admitted to the bar in Germany and a native Croatian, Dr. Josip Kuvač is at home in both cultures. He advises German companies investing in Croatia on all legal issues and, due to his language skills and contacts, is also in a position to offer his clients any other support required for legally secure business operations in Croatia. He has a bridging function to Croatia for many German companies and thus provides valuable services for his clients. We would also be pleased to support you in your business activities in Croatia.