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About the Firm

JK LEGAL is a law firm which specializes in high-end legal advice on international commercial law matters. Our firm renders a wide range of services to international and domestic businesses, partnerships, entrepreneurs and individuals. JK LEGAL handles tough cases. Whether a case will go to trial or settle, JK LEGAL always keeps its client´s needs in the foreground. JK LEGAL´s business practice includes: contract disputes, sales representative matters, distribution & trade matters.

We help foreign clients understand and handle German Law matters by integrating local and European Law regulations into each client´s business strategy.

JK LEGAL focuses on commercial matters for small and mid-sized enterprises.

JK LEGAL is the right choice for international matters regarding contract issues and commercial transactions in Germany. JK LEGAL always keeps its client´s needs in the foreground. It is our priority to resolve your issues effectively, whether in or outside of court. We offer comprehensive advice on complex issues arising from the closure of international contracts, as well as those in existing contractual relationships.

Your problem is our problem

Founder of the firm

Dr. Josip Kuvac is the founder of JK LEGAL. Mr. Kuvac has worked for several years at prestigious international and national law firms in Frankfurt and Los Angeles (California). During this time, Mr. Kuvac has worked on many complex cases concerning international commercial matters and cross-border transactions.

These experiences enable him to provide high-end legal advice on international commercial law matters. In addition, Mr. Kuvac also passed the bar exam in California. His profound knowledge of the common law and the Californian law enables him to help his clients from common law jurisdictions to understand legal issues in Germany. Mr Kuvac advises his clients in German, Croatian and English.

Mr. Kuvac is a member of the German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is married and has three children.

Why retain us?

There are many reasons why you might want to retain us. Here are some of them:


We are enterpreneurs - just like you

JK Legal is not just a law firm, it is a business. Mr. Kuvac, the founder of JK LEGAL, has worked as an attorney for international law firms (inter alia Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP) and therefore knows the “insight-life” of big law firms. He purposely choose a different path with the desire to create things and act as an entrepreneur.


Costs for quality legal services

Big law firms often invest in luxurious offices (often with full-service cafeterias, in-house gyms etc.) usually located in many of the world’s legal and business hubs. But do you know who is paying for this? Yes, their clients are paying for this. We at JK LEGAL do also have a nice office, but it is not located in a fency skyscraper. We also do not have our own in-house gym or a cafeteria, but we are ok with that. We are here to provide quality legal services for our clients and to solve your problems. This however is one reason why our rates are less in comparison with large law firms in Frankfurt. While we offer the same quality of service.


Service of an expert

Large law firms are hierarchically structured: senior partners, junior partner, senior associate, junior associate etc. While you are discussing your case with a partner of a law firm, an associate (or 2 or sometimes 3) will work on the case. The partner then has to review the work of the associate. In sum, two or three or sometimes even more attorneys have worked on your case (and of course have billed for their work). With JK LEGAL you will receive quality legal services from a single source.

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